Traveling Grate Boilers

We have specialty in manufacturing water tube multi fuel fired traveling grate Boilers
Salient features of our Traveling Grate
  • Suitable for fuel with
  • • High moisture content
    • High volatile matter
    • High ash content
    • High ash softening temperature
  • Fuel Size up to 25 mm
  • Large range of grate speed variation. Range is 0 – 15 m/hr
  • Continuous ash discharge due to continuous rotation
  • Overlapping of grate bars prevents air leakages
  • Easy for maintenance without boiler shutting down
  • Complete combustion because of turbulence of over fire / secondary
    air system & mixing of the volatile gases. Therefore less unburnt.

Operating range :
• Capacity – Up to 200 TPH
• Pressure – Up to 130 Kg/cm2
• Temperature – Up to 540 °C

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Dumping Grate Boilers

Highlights of our boilers
  • Suspension burning of Bagasse / Biomass
  • Quick and easy ash removal
        – No pressure drop during ash cleaning
  • Oil Burning Facility – Possible
  • Low excess air – Higher efficiency
  • Quick response to load change – Greater reliability
  • Bio gas burning along with Bagasse is Possible

Operating range :
• Capacity – Up to 120 TPH
• Pressure – Up to 72 Kg/cm2
• Temperature – Up to 520 °C

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Fluidized Bed Boilers

Highlights of our boilers
  • Over bed and under bed designs
  • High combustion efficiency`
  • High turn down ratio – 1:4.
  • Easy ash removal
  • Easy maintenance
  • Flexibility in burning fuels
  • Burning of coal having high ash content – up 45 %

Operating range :
• Capacity – Up to 120 TPH
• Pressure – Up to 110 Kg/cm2
• Temperature – Up to 540 °C

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Power Generation

Sitson offers a range of solutions addressing the electrical power requirements of industry. We Offer Captive power plants and Cogeneration systems for industry and Independent power plants for fuels like coal, biomass, bagasse etc. We have a well-established design & engineering set up for:
  • System engineering for the complete plant
  • Mechanical systems including boilers, auxiliaries, structural, piping
  • Electrical systems design and engineering of electrical equipment
  • Instrumentation and control systems for field and control room
  • Civil work & skilled manpower for Erection & commissioning. We offer a wide range of Power Generation solutions right from setting up of Power Plants to O & M Services for Power Plants. Our Power Generation Business offers Turnkey Power Project Solutions for Thermal Captive & Cogeneration power plants.

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Soot Blowers

SITSON has developed complete range of Soot Blowers as an import substitute and has been supplying to most of the boiler manufacturers and actual boiler users. The basic types of Soot Blowers manufactured are
  • Long and Short Retractable
  • Rotary and Manual
  • Reciprocating
  • We have also developed fully automatic PLC based control panels for Soot Blower operation.

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Electrical & Instrumentation

SITSON’s sister concern M/s SITSON Process Control Systems Pvt. Ltd. is a reputed company engaged in the field of electrical & instrumentation. SITSON Process Control Systems has engineered, supplied & commissioned PLC, DCS system and automation for all our projects.

Air Pollution Control Equipments

SITSON has developed and supplied Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) for Sponge Iron, Cement Application,
Bagasse, Coal, and Biomass Fired Boilers. We have supplied ESP for Boilers up to 200 TPH Bagasse,
Coal Fired boilers. Design features of our ESP
  • Suitable for gas flow rates 5000 m3/hr to 400,000 m3/ hr.
  • Hot gas design up to 250 Deg. C temperature
  • Effective cleaning system by top rappers for collecting electrodes and emitting electrodes.
  • Low pressure drop of flue gas.
  • Low power consumption.
  • High collection efficiency for all type of dust.
  • Plate type collection electrodes are designed for high gas flow treatment and high collection efficiency.
  • Specially designed and manufactured critical path line for Collecting Electrodes & Emitting Electrodes.
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Supply of Turbo Generators - New and Revamped

SITSON is into the business of supplying New Turbines, auxiliaries with erection & commissioning & revamping
used turbines with erection and commissioning. Executed jobs up to 30 MW and capacity to execute up to 100 MW.


SITSON is also engaged in the field of technical services and consultancy in the field of boilers and air pollution control equipments. Providing complete engineering of EPC projects is one of our activities.

  • • Boiler Modifications / Revamping
  • • Revamping of Turbo Generators
  • • Technical services in field of Electrical, Instrumentation, Power and Sugar.

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