Key Features Of SITSON Three Roller Sugar Mill

  • Robust heavy-duty housing design for improved rigidity and stability to handle higher throughout.
  • The pin-type construction makes it easy to assemble or dismantle. The side caps provide a plaƞ orm for rapid emergency maintenance.
  • The fourth roller rests directly on the main housing and is provided with bolting and locking arrangement to allow close setting
  • The drive to the fourth roller is directly from the top roller through heavy and long teeth pinions.
  • Vertical adjustments are made possible by machined screw and specially designed bearing housings.
  • Most suitable for cane feed with vertical Donnelley Chuted.
  • Power consumption is minimum due to integral design.


  • Higher capacity with no extraction loss.
  • No mill-gripping problems even with too fine a preparation, higher imbibition rates up to 300% with high temperature.
  • Ease in setting adjustments, assembling and dismantling, due to the unique simplicity of design
  • Less maintenance.
  • Pressure feeder devices can be installed and dismantle very easily.