Design Features

  • Flexibility of fuels: Wide range of supporting fuel can be burnt in boiler to incinerate spent wash. Boiler design suitable for bagasse, coal, rice husk, wood chips and biomass.
  • More days of operation without stoppages : Boiler can operate continuously more than 40 days without stoppage for cleaning.
  • Low maintenance: Since design is very similar to sugar industries bagasse fired boiler so maintenance is easy and economical.

Advantages of SITSON’S spent wash fired boiler

  • Boiler is suitable for full load with supporting fuel as well as fuel mix spent wash.
  • Lower power consumption.
  • Online cleaning system for boiler pressure parts.
  • Specially designed ESP air pollution control system to get maximum collection of fly ash.
  • More than 4000 hrs cf continuous operation without stoppage for cleaning.
  • Best suitable for all zero discharge distillery plants

Spent Wash Firing System

  • Spent wash spray with high pressure steam atomized burners
  • Spent wash mixing and drying with supporting fuel in rotary kiln.
  • Spent wash powder and incineration